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How to contact Skilltype with questions, issues, problems

ValChat hail Screenshot 2022-08-08 163104 You can always contact Skilltype directly using our omnipresent chatbox logo on the lower right side of your screen.

Clicking on the chatbox logo, a blue circle with solid white dialogue balloons inside, pops open a box on the lower right side of your screen, which is labeled "Help".


ValChat Box Screenshot 2022-08-08 163221The Help box offers two options. You can either immediately search the Skilltype Help Center, by using the search box under the phrase, "Find answers quickly", where it says "Search articles". Or you can begin a chat with Skilltype staff directly; Skilltype's Support Analyst, Valerie, is pictured here.

 Click the pen-in-box promptValChat Chatbox Start Screenshot 2022-08-08 171951, which is beside the phrase, "Your Chats - We typically reply in a few minutes", to pop out the actual chatbox, which will appear, like the others, over on the lower right side of your screen.


ValChat Chatbox Screenshot 2022-08-08 172512

Begin your conversation with Skilltype staff by putting your question in at the bottom of the chatbox, where it says, "Write a message". After typing in your message, you can either press "Enter" or click the arrow key, to send the question to staff.

As noted on the chatbox, "We typically reply in a few minutes" -- during typical USA working hours. Do not let that deter you from sending a message; messages received in our off-hours are captured, and we do answer them later, and you will get a message that informs you of that.



ValChat X Screenshot 2022-08-08 175231To close the chatbox, or any of the other boxes, at any time, you may have noticed that the solid white dialogue balloons in the blue dot changed to a solid white X. Click the X to close the chatboxes.


Away from the chatbox, you do always have the option to contact us at our email address,