Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are certificates of completion offered by Skilltype?

While Skilltype provides each user with a detailed record of completed training, certificates of completion may be offered through training providers. For example, Skilltype recently partnered with OCLC to index content from OCLC’s WebJunction, which typically makes available a certificate upon completion. Skilltype metadata will include information about certificates available from a training provider, or situations where registration, membership, or a fee is associated with a training.

How is learning measured?

When training content includes quizzes or instruments to measure training, these assessments will be described within the metadata associated with each training. At this time, Skilltype is not augmenting training content with assessments of learning.

Skilltype provides each user (often employees of an organization) with access to a detailed history of training content viewed or completed on the platform. This record includes all skills and descriptions associated with each training, completion date and time stamp. Users may choose to share this record of detailed training activity with a manager or their organization.

Organization Owners, Organization Administrators and Managers of Teams are able to view data about an employee’s engagement with Skilltype such as date of last Skilltype activity, the number of learning items completed and the topic tags those items are associated with. Training activity data is available to managers through Teams > Activity and Teams > Talent Audit.

How are skills assessed?

The skills within Skilltype’s controlled vocabulary come from 15 core competency frameworks developed by ALA, SLA, NASIG, PLA, and other professional associations. These frameworks analyze and recommend the competencies needed across library functions and roles. Skilltype continuously improves the controlled vocabulary based on customer feedback, trends in the community, and ongoing evaluation.

How do I reset my password?

From the Skilltype Sign In page, select the “Having Password Trouble?” button and type in the email address you used to register for Skilltype. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password and a confirmation after the fact that you have reset your password. 

Emails from the Skilltype platform are sent from no-reply@skilltype.com, so you may want to check your Spam folder and add Skilltype.com to your list of approved senders.  

For security reasons, Skilltype passwords must be reset every 60 days. 

Contact success@skilltype.com with any questions. 

Can I share a job posting link through Skilltype?

Skilltype customer organizations can share unlimited job posting links through Skilltype, at no cost. Job postings will be associated with library-specific competencies from Skilltype’s unique controlled vocabulary and will be recommended to relevant platform users matching the job role and skills who can apply through your HR system. 

To share a  job posting through Skilltype: Contact content@skilltype.com with your job posting URL and an expiration date for the posting. 

Skilltype’s product roadmap includes features to enable direct loading of content by customer organizations, release date is to be determined.

What happens to my Skilltype data if I leave my current employer?

Consistent with Skilltype’s Privacy Policy, data about your skills and experience belongs to you. Visit your Skilltype Settings > Privacy Check to view how your data is managed or shared. 

If you signed up for Skilltype through an invitation from your employer or another organization, the Primary email address associated with your account will be your employer provided email. 

Skilltype encourages every Skilltype user to designate a recovery email address (such as personal email address) for long term account access. If you lose access to your primary email address, you can use your recovery email to sign in to Skilltype instead. Visit Settings > Account Access to manage your addresses. 

If you leave an employer or organization, your organization administrators can disconnect your account from the organization’s talent data, or change your connection to a Follower.  Contact success@skilltype.com with any questions you have about your account settings.

What are different user roles able to see or do with Skilltype? 

Skilltype users and access fit into one of these categories:

  • Organization Administrators: Often senior leaders in your organization; Administrators for your organization’s Skilltype account are able to modify the Organization’s profile, Invite members, View organization-wide Insights and Talent Audit and create Teams 

  • Team Managers: Team Managers are supervisors or leaders who may be responsible for a branch, department, group, or committee. Team Managers are designated by Organization Administrators.  Team Managers are able to add members to a Team, modify a Team’s description, and view Team insights such as Team Talent Audit, Team Activity and Skills, Product or Interest data. Team Managers can create and share Training Lists with a Team.  

  • Organization Members: Your staff and team 

  • Followers: Other users on the Skilltype platform who are interested in your organization and have opted to share skill data with your organization

  • Organization Owner: The Owner is the Organization’s primary Organization Administrator, typically a Director or Associate Director. The Owner is the only one who can add, edit, or delete an organization’s account settings. Owners can invite other Administrators and Members individually or in bulk via email or a .csv file. 

All Skilltype users can view their roles and connections from Settings > Privacy Check.

Organization Owners and Administrators can view the user roles and access for their organization in the Directory. 

Team Managers can view or modify roles from the Team Roster for each Team.

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