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How can I tell whether a resource is quality or not?

Skilltype curates resources from trusted sources across the library community. Learn more about our process in this article.

Skilltype includes resources from trusted sources across the library community including conference organizers, professional associations, commercial vendors, open source communities, and more.

Curating Sources

While we curate the sources we include in the database, we don’t curate which resources we include from those sources. For instance, if a conference lists 300 videos on its public YouTube feed, we will include all 300 videos. You can access a full-list of content sources, visit the Browse page.

Starting in October 2020, we are working with the training provider community to develop tools and workflows to enable them to manage their own content on Skilltype. This will enable training providers to include subscription content on the platform and manage access to Skilltype users who have rights and privileges to their resources. More information on the Skilltype Professional Development Network is coming soon.

Rating Items

Skilltype currently does not offer a mechanism to rate the quality of an item. We are currently working with the Skilltype community to understand the best method of rating items in an efficient and equitable way. Users can join this conversation in our Slack workspace at skilltype.slack.com.