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How to Suggest New Content for Skilltype

Instructions to suggest Tags in Skilltype

In your Skilltype Profile, click the Edit link for the appropriate category of your suggestion: Skills; Interests; Product Experience.

Once you've typed in the full name of your suggestion, and the phrase, "No products or services found." appears, click the blue phrase underneath it, "Suggest a new product or service." The a box will slide in with the phrase, "Type New Tag Suggestion". If the name is fully correct, click the green phrase underneath it, "Submit for Review". This will send the Tag suggestion directly to the Skilltype Content team. And then you can click the arrow above the box to return to the main Edit function.

Or you can Contact Us directly with that Content suggestion.

victoryxr2-Screenshot 2022-07-14 141606

victoryxrsuggestion-Screenshot 2022-07-14 141733