Dashboard Overview for Organizations

The administrator's guide for managing organization profiles

Each organization in Skilltype has a dashboard. The organization's dashboard includes the organization's profile, directory, teams, insights, and page settings. Here is what you need to know about each section.


The Profile section is where you will find an Organization’s Memberships, Strategic Directions, and Key Products and Skills. Org Administrators can add or update these tags how they see fit.

A completed profile should include:

  • Memberships: Include memberships and associations your organization is part of. List up to five (5) of your organization’s memberships. Individuals in your organization can add personal memberships to their profiles, this section is for the organization. 
  • Strategic Directions: Add up to ten (10) the pillars of your organization. The strategic directions tags in Skilltype were developed by analyzing the strategic plans of more than 300 organizations.
  • Key Products & Key Skills: Add up to fifty (50) of the skills and products that are most important to your organization. 



From your organization's Admin panel, you can access a Directory of every person connected to the organization on Skilltype. People will fit into one of these categories:

  • Organization Managers: Administrators for your org’s Skilltype account
  • Organization Members: Your staff and team
  • Followers: Other Skilltypers interested in your org
  • Organization Owner: The Owner is the main administrator, and the only one who can add, edit, or delete organization information. The Owner has the ability to send invites and add new people via email address. Owners can input email addresses one by one or upload in bulk with a .csv file, and they can resend or revoke pending invites.



This section is available to Skilltype Admins and Organization Owners; it provides a global view of skills, interests, and product experience across all of the people connected to your organization. Skilltype Admins can click each topic to see the people who have tagged that skill on their profile.

  • The Members column shows the number of organization members with the skill, product or interest 
  • The Followers column shows people who have chosen to connect to and share skills data with your organization.   
  • The Total column shows the sum of your organization’s members and followers with the skill, product or interest
  • The Global column shows a percentage value of the total number of users with this skill across all the users of the Skilltype platform. This percentage provides insight of how rare a skill might be.  
  • Click “Request Download'' to export a file of your organization’s interests, products, or skills for access in the application of your choice. You’ll soon receive a link to download the file.