Create Your Profile and Start Training

Create Your Profile and Start Training

Welcome to Skilltype, Activate Your Account

As a new Skilltype user, you’ll be invited to the platform through an email message, typically from your employer or an organization that you are affiliated with. Follow the email link to activate your account and set a password. 

Complete Your Skilltype Profile

Your next step is to complete your Skilltype Profile. Whether you’re early in your career or a seasoned professional, your Skilltype profile can be a powerful tool for understanding your own skill set across the job titles you’ve held and employers you’ve worked with, which persists over time. Your profile can communicate what you are capable of, emphasizing your skills and product knowledge and what you are interested in learning within the domain of libraries, information science, archives, of any shape, type or size. 

The first time, you’ll be asked a few questions about the type of work you do in libraries, this is referred to as “onboarding.” These prompts will guide you through the selection of a job role, skill and product tags, and the selection of your interests. Selecting these tags influences the training content recommended for you by the platform and contributes accurate information so your organization can understand the capabilities and interests of the staff members. 

After you’ve set up your Profile, you can modify it at any time by visiting Profile and clicking the Edit button shaped like a pencil next to Skills, Products or Interests. Skilltype recommends that you select at least 10 skills, 10 products and 5 interests to optimize your experience.  You can restart your “onboarding” any time by clicking the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner of your screen and searching for relevant skills.  

After setting up your Profile, try the following: 

  • View training resources Recommended for you (Home)

  • Visit Browse next to explore the full range of job roles, skills, products and organizations on the platform

  • View  your Organization’s Profile to learn more about priorities, key skills and ways you can contribute to your organization’s impact 

  • Search Skilltype for training content and relevant topics from the top of any screen

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